John-Manuel Andriote is an author, journalist, speaker, and communication consultant focused on health and medicine, cultural trends, and LGBT issues. In 2014, he also added “children’s author” to his résumé with the publication of Wilhelmina Goes Wandering, based on the true story of a runaway cow in Connecticut.

HIV/AIDS - health/medical focus

Andriote began to focus his reporting on the growing HIV/AIDS epidemic while he was a graduate journalism student at Northwestern University in 1986. Today, as one of America’s leading and longest-term reporters on HIV/AIDS, hundreds of his recorded interviews with leading experts, and other research materials, are part of a special collection curated by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Translating complex technical subjects into ‘plain English’

Andriote specializes in ‘translating’ technical information--from the fields of medicine and science in particular--into ‘plain English’ for non-specialists. His wide-ranging interests have led him to interview a range of noted individuals, including the actor Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; microbiologist and HIV co-discoverer Robert C. Gallo, M.D.; musician Elton John; novelist John Rechy; and geologist Robert M. Thorson, Ph.D.

As a communication consultant, Andriote enjoys lending his research, interview, writing, project management, and social media strategy skills to other authors and organizations seeking to tell their stories clearly and powerfully through print and electronic products, and via social media.

Teaching, writing, and speaking

Now back where he ‘started’ in eastern Connecticut--after 30 years ‘away’ (22 of those years in Washington, D.C.)--Andriote has been a columnist for the local daily newspaper; an adjunct faculty member at Eastern Connecticut State University and Three Rivers Community College, teaching journalism, social media strategy, and emergent media reporting; and a frequent guest author and speaker.


See the consulting page for Andriote’s 2016 CV, core competencies, and the types of projects he has completed for national and global NGOs and government agencies.

You can also see samples of his writing, descriptions and reviews of his books, and some of the talks and media interviews he has given.

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