Helping to show and tell the world why your work matters.


A well-told story can be the difference between expansion and downsizing. Of course you want an award-winning storyteller to help tell yours.

  1. Social media content and strategy.

  2. Editorial project management services, including proposal development, editing, and production coordination.

  3. Annual reports that showcase your stories while also providing the nuts-and-bolts.

  4. Meeting summary reports that remind participants why it was worth their time to attend.

  5. Articles, fact sheets, monographs, newsletters, reports, and training materials professionally edited and written, and worth reading.

  6. Marketing collateral--including advertorials and brochures--that demonstrates your organization’s value to clients and community.

  7. Web content that shows you know what you are doing.

  8. Winning funding proposals.

  1. Write and speak clearly, credibly, persuasively

  2. Target written products to affected/interested readers

  3. Identify, access, interview leading experts

  4. Synthesize multi-source information into engaging narratives

  5. Translate specialized information into ‘plain English’

  6. Edit others’ work to make them shine

  7. Manage large, complex editorial projects, staff, vendors

  8. Conceptualize “big picture," execute details

  9. Teach, train, mentor, inspire others

  10. Work well in culturally diverse settings

  11. Highly skilled with MS Office, Apple digital editing apps





“John was a part of a team I assembled to promote the work I was doing on HIV in Africa. My team presented a series of papers at a regional meeting in Zambia. John worked with the team to ensure that the presentations were of high quality, communicating a consistent set of messages. John also worked on a manuscript with the group that later appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. He was delightful to work with, highly knowledgeable, and skilled. I recommend him both as a strategic thinker to guide your communications efforts and as a technical consultant with many skills to produce your communication tools.”

Gregory Pappas, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Director for Medical Device Surveillance

Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA/DHHS

“It is a pleasure to work with a professional. That was my experience with John. I benefited greatly from his journalistic experience, his writing skills, his knowledge of the HIV and AIDS world and his creative approach to our projects. I recommend him highly.”

Frank Webb, Ph.D.

Duke University Center for International Development

“John-Manuel is an excellent writer and researcher. His books--Victory Deferred: How AIDS Changed Gay Life in America, and Hot Stuff: A Brief History of Disco--demonstrate his talent as a chronicler of social and cultural movements of the 20th century. John has the rare capacity to write both scholarly and "lay" texts that are well-researched and a joy to read.”

Judith Auerbach, Ph.D.

Science and policy consultant, Adjunct Professor

University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine