A Brief History of Disco/Dance Music

"A fizzy champagne toast of a book." 

-- Kevin Riordan, Gannett News Service


"Excellent writing." 

-- Publishers Weekly


"If an entertaining look at the music and careers of such stars as Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer, the Andrea True Connection, and the Village People is what you're after, look no further."

-- Booklist 


"Given the few published books that treat this subject seriously, Hot Stuff will be a welcome addition to public libraries." 


You either love it or hate it. But one thing's for sure: rumors of its death are premature. This fast-paced yet in-depth look at one of the most outrageous eras in musical―and cultural―history discusses the fashion and the freaks, the music-makers and the celebrators, to uncover why disco was so revered and reviled―and why dance music lives on today, more popular than ever.


In its early days, disco was dismissed by the public as producers' music made by studio musicians. But this amalgam of African-American rhythm and blues, soul, and funk soon caught fire, bringing together black and white, gay and straight, young and old in a way no other popular music has before or since―a phenomenon that is still reverberating through the culture.


As it takes you from the juke joints of the South to the world’s most impossible-to-get-into clubs; from the reigning queens of the disco years (Gloria Gaynor, Grace Jones, and Donna Summer among them) to the dance-pop divas of today; from the ‘neo-disco’ revival of the late nineties to the new era of electronic dance music (EDM) and Lady Gaga ... Hot Stuff will make you want to dust off those platform shoes, dig out your mirrored ball, and shake your booty all night long. (Ok, maybe not...but you get the picture).

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