After earning a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University in 1986, I focused my reporting on health and medicine, specializing in HIV-AIDS and LGBT issues. This online portfolio reflects the variety of my interests, including music, politics, the natural world, and New England.




Selected articles since 1983

Excerpts from the 2011 revised and expanded second edition of my book Victory Deferred:


Is there still an AIDS crisis in the U.S.? It depends on who you ask 


AIDS: Still a gay disease in America

From January 2011 to October 2013, I wrote a weekly column for the daily newspaper in Norwich, Connecticut (my hometown, to which I returned in 2007), focusing on local politics, economic development, history, and life in a much smaller city than I was used to--my old hometown. I collected all my columns, as well as other articles I wrote about eastern Connecticut in my 2015 book Tough Love.

Andriote interviews Larry Kramer


(Kramer: "John, this is one of the best interviews of me, ever!")

Andriote and LARB editor-in-chief Tom Lutz interview John Rechy 


(Rechy: "I do believe that is quite the best interview I have had.")

Andriote interviews Elton John

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